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About membership

Welcome to which is worldwide ship broker network.
There are two kinds of membership - a free membership and a full membership.

The free members can add their offers, ads and their contact information for free.
However, they are not permitted to access to the other members' contact information.

The benefits for the full members.
 If you purchase a subscription (full membership) to our online service you will enjoy the following benefits:
You will have unlimited free access to the full details of the database of You will be able to see the contact information of the member who deposited every requirement, so you may contact them directly and immediately. We will advertise your offers between times to the related our members via E-mail for your business preferentially.  We will add your 10 pictures in your details sent by E-mail (permitted 600*600 pixels / each picture) for one year.
 The full members can access and copy the document forms which would be useful  for shipbrokers or traders as references.
 You will be able to have your individual preferences to be receiving any useful  information and suggestion. You may forward your offers via Fax or E-mail to our contact address, and may send your pictures(marked with the reference# and short description of your offers on the back of your pictures) via the post mail if you are not able to scan the pictures. We will scan and post the pictures in your ads instead of you.

 Our subscription is offered at USD 199 for 1 month, USD 299 for 6 months, USD 399  for 1 year, USD 499  for 2 years or USD 599  for 3 years of service. provides the information about ships on sale, purchase, charters and shipbuilding opportunity for shipbrokers, ship owners, shipbuilders and related people all over the world.  We also provide a free membership for free.

 All members can post their offers and search freely. Every members also can delete, add, update or edit their posting by himself.
Therefore, all their information will be controlled at their will. However, for providing more confidential information to our members, out of dated data, sometimes, members' posted information and misleading information would be deleted at our will.

 We hope you understand this kind of our policies. We recommend every member keep his information in this site fresh. cannot and does not guarantee that all information in this site is accurate. Therefore, users should estimate by themselves the accuracy of the information in via direct contact to the providers of the information.

 We will always be happy to answer any further questions about our services or to listen to your comment.

Thank you. Team


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