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Ship for sale (Details)

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 Special vessel




 250 Mill




 Korea(South) blt

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Short Description:

 New Drillship 96K Drillship capable for 3,600m water depth

 Brief details     

 New Drillship

96K Drillship capable for 3,600m(12,000ft) water depth
equipped with Enhanced DP sysem(EH-P), 18-3/4" 7 ram BOP
and ready for IMO Tier lll

Built in Samsung Heavy Industries Korea
Hull dimenshions : 228m x 42m x 19m
Displacement : 96,400MT
Operating Draft : 12m
Maxmum water depth : 3,600m(12,000ft)
Drilling depth : Maximum: Maximum: 12,000 ft. (3,657 m)
POB : 200
Cabin Type : 2 x 1p cabin, 99 x 2p cabin
Class : ABS: ✠A1, ˇ°Drillshipˇ±, Ⓔ, ✠AMS, ✠ACCU, ✠DPS-3, 
DLA, OHCM, ✠CDS(2012), RW,
will be given more details for creditable named buyer 
Maximum Transit Speed: 12 knots
Price :  REDUCED PRICE 250 Million before USD350 mill
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