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Ship for sale (Details)

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 Netherland blt

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 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger in ME Hopper volume: 2700 m3

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Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) for Sale in ME
On offer is a dredger with quality machinery that was built in Holland in 1990. 
Transfered from Lloyd's to BV Class she had her last SS/DD about a year ago. 

Built 1990 Merwede Shipyard , Holland

B.V class, Last renewal survey  02/03/2022, Next renewal survey  02/05/2025

GT/NT 3,750/1125

Length (OA):  99 m

Length (BP):  94.5 m

Width:  16.5 m

Depth:  8.6 m

Draft (loaded):  6.54 m

Number of engines:  1

Engine specs:  Mirrlees Blackstone - KMR8MK3 - 4Str - 8 cyl - 40.00 x 45.70 - 

Speed (loaded):  12.75 knts

Total power:  3926 kW

Hopper volume:  2700 m?

Dredging depth:  33 m

Number of dredging pipes:  1

Suction pipe dia 800 mm

Discharge pipe dia 800 mm

Dredge pump Seadrec

12 bottom valves only for emergency discharge

Location: Arabian Gulf

Price: try offers (guidance $6.5mil)

All details without guarantee

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