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Ship for sale (Details)

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 Japan blt

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 Tween decker 2H 2H Pontoon type C 2x30 MT Bow thruster BWTS fitted

 Brief details     


Tween decker

10,000 Mtdw on 9.22M DRAFT
Blt 2005 Shin Kurushima, Imabari
NK CLASS next ss/dd: feb,2025
bwts fitted
Loa 100 Lbp 93.50 Beam 18.80 Depth 13.00 M 2Ho/2Ha 13,999/12,865 Cbm Gr/Bl Tween 
deck Hatch Type: McGregor type(Upper hold), Pontoon type(Lower hold) HATCH SIZE: 
No.1: 19.50mL X 12.5mB, No.2: 28.50mL X 12.6mB

Tanktop: 147.2 kN/sqm (local strength: 313.9 kN/sqm) 2nd deck and 2nd deck hatch 
cover: 38.3 kN/sqm Upper deck: 14.14 kN/sqm Upper deck hatch cover: 17.50 kN/sqm
Coil: 30t x 1 tire with key coil or 21t x 2 tires

Cargo Gear:
C 2x30MT (outreach 26mtrs) , D 1x30 MT (outreach 19mtrs)

M/E: MAKITA B&W 5L35MC(Mark6), 3250 kW at 210 RPM
G/E: DAIHATSU, 6DL-16A, 441KW x 2 sets
MITSUI-DEUTS F4L912, 40KW at 1800 RPM  x 1 set Bow thruster fitted

Speed & consumption:
At Sea: Abt 11.0kts on VLSFO(180CST) 8.0mt/day plus LSMGO 0.95mt /day, VLSFO 
0.9mt/day for Boiler Port consumption: LSMGO 1.26mt daily + VLSFO 0.65 mt daily 
(working) , LSMGO 0.84mt + VLSFO 0.65mt daily (idle)

Speed and consumption figures are 'about'and calculated basis max Beaufort 3 / 
DSS 2, no adverse current, even keel and max seawater temperature of 26oC.


prompt delivery in April, Far East

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