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Ship for sale (Details)

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 China blt

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 Deck Cargo Barge 10mton/ sqm Deck Strength

 Brief details     


New 310' X 90' X 120' Deck Cargo Barge with 10mton/sqm Deck Strength
Barge is still under construction and is scheduled to be delivered in Mid August 
The main hull is to be divided by seven (7) transverse W.T. bulkheads & Three 
(3) longitudinal W.T. bulkheads into thirty (30) compartments.
Tanks are internally coated.

Type:                Deck Cargo Barge
Built:                 2022/China
Class:               ABS + A1 Barge

Length (OA):       310FT
Breadth (MLD):   90FT
Depth (MLD):      20FT
Deadweight:       10,000 Ton
Deck Strength:   10 Tons / M2

Deck Outfitting
- Sideboard 4.2m high (8mm thickness) sideboard from stern to bow.        
- Eight (8) mooring double bits type bollards
- Two (2) single bits type bollards shall be installed at bow.
- One (1) single bollard install at aft of ship
- Two (2) Smit towing brackets on forward 
- Two (2) Towing pad eyes on stern
- One (1) diesel-driven anchor winch 10 ton capacity 

Deck:         14mm
Bottom:      12mm
Sides:         12mm
Bulkhead:     9mm

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